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Amazon Wishlist for amazing creatures

Sloth and parrot with Christmas stockings in a tree

We’re rolling into the festive season and thinking about gifts to give our loved ones, friends and colleagues. This is also a time when people give charitably to support vulnerable people and animals.

Did you know our animals have their own Amazon Wishlist?

Yes!  Rescate Wildlife has a Wishlist of items to help with feeding and medical care for creatures here at our sanctuary, especially the babies that come to us for survival.

Cute graphic of animals in a tree looking at Christmas stockings containing vet items and food

If you’d like to give a gift to our animals, choosing something from our Amazon Wishlist is perfect.

Some items cost more than others – your generosity is appreciated at whatever gift level you can afford.

We need items such as:

Intensive care units for sick or injured birds and tiny animals…

Heating pads for treating injured animals…

Feeding syringe nipples for nursing baby sloths…

Food for hand-feeding to baby macaws  — aww!

Ethical stainless steel coop cups for bird and animal enclosures…

Nutrient-filled nectar concentrate for hummingbirds….

Vegetable spiralizers for food preparation…

Diagnostic equipment for eye and ear examinations…

Plus other items to help our staff in their work, such as stethoscopes, oxygen monitors, walkie-talkies, rechargeable batteries, trail cameras and SD cards.

If you’re an Amazon member, you can check out our animals’ Wishlist right here If not yet a member, it’s easy to sign up.

If an item you’d like to gift is currently out of stock… or if you’d like to help our wildlife in an alternative way…  another excellent way to grant our animals’ wishes is through our GoFundMe donation page.

The money raised helps to buy medicines, bandages, veterinary equipment and food. Did you know it costs US $45 a month to feed a sloth?   Your donations also help us buy baby formula for our youngest mammals, such as baby monkeys, sloths, ocelots, woolly possums and porcupines.

Your gift is so appreciated!  Our creatures can really use it this year of all years.

An update on our funding

It’s been a hard year for everyone. Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center has experienced a huge drop in visitor numbers during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, which means we’ve lost much of the income needed support and feed our rescue animals.  And at the same time, we have more animals than ever before!  Other wildlife centers in Costa Rica have closed down, and we have taken in over 700 animals who need ongoing care.

We are looking forward to a busier season here in Central America.  Across December, January and into February is a 6-week holiday period in Costa Rica, and we are getting ready to welcome local families through our gates. But we know that our animal lovers in the US would love to help too, even if you can’t be here in person.

Grant a wish to an animal this Christmas with our Amazon Wishlist and/or our donation fund. And all the very best of the season to you and your family, from the staff, volunteers and animals here at Rescate Wildlife.

Would you like to get involved yourself?

Become an Intern and have a unique wildlife experience.

Veterinary Internship

Veterinary interns work directly with our highly experienced veterinarian and our rehabilitation staff. You will assist with with animal intakes, exams, treatments, surgeries, feeding and record keeping.

Wildlife Internship​

Work hands-on in the Lifetime Care Sanctuary, Endangered Species Breeding Center and the Rescue Center, feeding animals, conducting behavioral research, and creating enriching experiences for our non-releasable animals or even clicker train our Jaguar „Guapo“.

Road to freedom Internship

This internship gives you the unique opportunity to not only see, but to play an active part in what we call: The Road to Freedom. Aid the animals in their release, monitor and research them and their second chance at life in the wild, the final step on their Road to Freedom.

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