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Our Breeding Programs

In the relentless battle against overhunting, illegal pet trade, and deforestation, our breeding programs serve as essential beacons. These programs are not just beneficial; they are imperative. They provide a critical pathway for endangered wildlife, which are in dire need of support to endure. Furthermore, these initiatives are central to the effort. They reintroduce indispensable species to their natural habitats. These habitats have been severely damaged by human actions, now more than ever.


Our center embarks on such breeding programs with purpose.

We begin with animals who have been rendered unfit for direct release into the wilderness. Because many can still procreate, we can release their young into the wild. We play a crucial role in rebalancing Costa Rica’s fragile ecosystem and dense jungles. Each creature born here represents a beacon of hope and symbolizes a potential resurgence in their population. This also ensures they can find their place again in the vast wilderness. Through these efforts, we not only save individual animals but also work towards a grander vision. That vision is to restore the intricate web of life that defines our world’s most precious jungles.

Our approach to breeding programs

Breeding Programs must be extremely careful to truly benefit wildlife. Every single animal bred should be able to live completely free, without any human intervention. Our approach strictly forbids the breeding of any animals that will be confined to captivity after birth. We pledge to only assist threatened species when completely confident the offspring will thrive untamed in their natural habitat. This unwavering principle keeps all our efforts correctly aligned. The ultimate goal we pursue remains establishing fully self-sustaining, wild populations.


We sincerely hope you will join this absolutely vital endeavor. By working together, we can profoundly empower nature’s comeback in a meaningful way. With your much needed help, endangered species will not just barely survive. They will flourish again in the open, untamed spaces of their ancestral natural habitats where they belong.

Securing a future where endangered wildlife not only survives but truly thrives in sustainable natural environments will take commitment from all who care about these animals. If we unite to provide the needed assistance now, future generations will be able to enjoy the presence of these species as they freely roam their native homes.

Species in our Breeding Programs

Scarlet Macaw
Black Kettle
Great Green Macaw
Wild pig
King Vulture

Our Sponsors

You Make Dreams Come True: Heartfelt Thanks to Our Incredible Sponsors!

We extend our deepest gratitude to the amazing sponsors who stand by us in our mission to protect and preserve wildlife. Your generosity empowers us to make a difference, one animal at a time. Thank you for being the heroes in our story, ensuring a future where nature thrives. Together, we're creating a legacy of compassion and conservation. Your support is the heartbeat of our sanctuary, and for that, we are truly thankful.

Alajuela, COSTA RICA