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Donate for Lifesaving Incubators!

At our hospital, we welcome hundreds of adorable babies each year—from sloths and monkeys to birds and reptiles. One crucial necessity for their proper development? Incubators.

Last year, we received over 2,600 animals, with nearly 1,000 being vulnerable babies, nestlings, or fledglings.


As we gear up for the upcoming breeding season, just a couple of months away, we’re launching a crucial campaign to secure incubators for our nursery. Your generous contribution can make a significant impact! Every dollar brings us closer to obtaining the necessary incubators and safe more lives.


By donating, you directly support the health of vulnerable wildlife. These incubators play a crucial role in providing optimal conditions for the growth and recovery of baby animals, ensuring they receive the care and warmth they need during their most delicate stages of life.


Join us in this mission. Together, we can even help to save the smallest of the wild animals arriving to Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center, giving them a chance to thrive and contribute to the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica. Make a donation today and be a part of their incredible journey!


🐾💙 #HelpUsHelpThem

These are some of the baby animals that arrived at our Wildlife Rescue Center last year
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Caregiver engaging with juvenile monkeys at Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center

Wildlife Rescue Center & veterinary clinic

Incubators for baby animals

Last year we have received over 2,600 animals, of which nearly 1,000 were babies, nestlings, or fledglings adorable babies each year — from sloths and monkeys to birds and reptiles. Incubators are crucial for their development. These aren’t just for the newborns; they’re also a lifeline for animals in critical conditions.  Together we can make a difference between life and death for them. 🐾💙 #HelpUsHelpThem

24.5 % Donated
$ 1,225
Goal $ 5,000

Endangered Species
Breeding Programs

Scarlet Macaws

Back in the 1940s, Scarlet Macaws were a common sight all over Costa Rica, except in the high mountains. However, around 2000, their numbers dropped dramatically, and they were only found in two spots on the Pacific coast. With the help of projects like ours, we’re bringing them back. Be a part of our mission to restore their population to its former state.

17,48 % Donated
$ 5,245
Goal $ 30,000


Building a

Join us in making a real difference! We’ve welcomed numerous reptiles in need, and they deserve the best. That’s why we’re constructing a brand-new reptile house, and we’ve already invested our own funds to get started. Together, we prioritize the well-being of our wildlife, and your support can help us provide them with the exceptional homes they deserve.

0,12 % Donated
$ 70
Goal $ 60,000

Endangered Species
Breeding Programs

Great Green Macaws

The Great Green Macaw is CRITICAL ENDANGERED! But what does that mean? There are probably less than an 1,000 adults worldwide, which means that they are just one step away from extinction. The Great Green is almost only native to central america and if we cannot restore the numbers, they can only be seen in zoos. Therefore, support our project and be a part of this mission.

10% Donated
$ 4,500
Goal $ 45,000
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