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You can make a real difference through animal donations.

We are a GFAS accredited non-profit animal sanctuary and rely on the kind donations from wildlife and animal lovers such as yourselves. Whether it’s from donating through our online platform, or donating an item for our veterinary or enrichment teams.


Read more to understand what we do for endangered and threatened wild animals at Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center and find out where your wildlife donations go, plus how to donate to our wildlife sanctuary online now, on a monthly basis or as a one-off. Every donation helps.

How to donate to our animal sanctuary and wildlife rescue

There are currently three main ways to donate to our sanctuary.You can make the choice on how you want to make your animal donation through any of the links below:

Donate via Paypal

Whether it’s a one-off or recurring donation, donate a monetary amount to feed our animals and keep our sanctuary up and running.

Food, Products, Materials for our animals

If you would like to donate food or animal enrichment materials or fencing for animal habitats

Amazon Wishlist

You choose what you donate through the purchase of an item from our carefully selected list. All items are essential and go a long way.

Where do your animal donations go?

The vast majority of your wildlife donations go to feeding our animals and providing emergency veterinary care. It costs us a lot of money to feed and maintain our animal sanctuary on an ongoing basis. For example, your donations can feed our animals for one month:

You can also donate directly to our Account

International Bank Transfers

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IBAN Number: CR20015100220025158287
Fundación Restauración de la Naturaleza
Tax ID Number: 3006171553

Local Bank Transfers

Banco Nacional:


Numero IBAN: CR43015100220011166981
Fundación Restauración de la Naturaleza


Sinpemovil: 8821-5656


Cedula Juridica: 3006171553

Thank you for supporting our animals and a being valuable part of our cause.
latest campaigns

Current Projects we need help with

Donate for a specific object or project. Feel free to add a description to your donation, so we know which campaign you want to support 🙂

Caregiver engaging with juvenile monkeys at Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center

Wildlife Rescue Center & veterinary clinic

Incubators for baby animals

Last year we have received over 2,600 animals, of which nearly 1,000 were babies, nestlings, or fledglings adorable babies each year — from sloths and monkeys to birds and reptiles. Incubators are crucial for their development. These aren’t just for the newborns; they’re also a lifeline for animals in critical conditions.  Together we can make a difference between life and death for them. 🐾💙 #HelpUsHelpThem

24.5 % Donated
$ 1,225
Goal $ 5,000

Endangered Species
Breeding Programs

Scarlet Macaws

Back in the 1940s, Scarlet Macaws were a common sight all over Costa Rica, except in the high mountains. However, around 2000, their numbers dropped dramatically, and they were only found in two spots on the Pacific coast. With the help of projects like ours, we’re bringing them back. Be a part of our mission to restore their population to its former state.

17,48 % Donated
$ 5,245
Goal $ 30,000


Building a

Join us in making a real difference! We’ve welcomed numerous reptiles in need, and they deserve the best. That’s why we’re constructing a brand-new reptile house, and we’ve already invested our own funds to get started. Together, we prioritize the well-being of our wildlife, and your support can help us provide them with the exceptional homes they deserve.

0,12 % Donated
$ 70
Goal $ 60,000

Endangered Species
Breeding Programs

Great Green Macaws

The Great Green Macaw is CRITICAL ENDANGERED! But what does that mean? There are probably less than an 1,000 adults worldwide, which means that they are just one step away from extinction. The Great Green is almost only native to central america and if we cannot restore the numbers, they can only be seen in zoos. Therefore, support our project and be a part of this mission.

10% Donated
$ 4,500
Goal $ 45,000

Become a Sponsor

Are you passionate about preserving Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity? Our Corporate Sponsorship Program offers a range of meaningful partnerships for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re drawn to our Bronze, Silver, or Gold levels, your support directly fuels our vital conservation work.


Discover the benefits of each tier and learn how your company can make a lasting impact on our dedicated sponsorship page. Together, we can protect and restore wildlife, preserve endangered species, and safeguard precious habitats. Join us in this noble mission – explore our Corporate Sponsorship Program now!

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