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Our Lifetime Care

Welcome to our Lifetime Care Sanctuary, Costa Rica’s premier wildlife haven. Annually, over 3,000 wild creatures find refuge here. Importantly, our Lifetime Care Sanctuary is the safe haven for 2% of these animals. Unfortunately, some are severely injured or former pets. Consequently, they can’t return to the wild. Explore our unique facility; it’s the sole project welcoming visitors. We’re open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


At our reserve, over 700 non-releasable wild animals receive lifelong care. Our wards include 120 diverse species: sloths, jaguars, tapirs, pumas, coyotes, and monkeys. Additionally, we care for an assortment of birds, small mammals, and reptiles. The sanctuary also hosts an exotic bird haven with ostriches, emus, peacocks, vibrant pheasants, and numerous exotic bird species.

Spacious natural enclosures

Can you spot our wildlife?

Because the enclosures are spacious and designed to mimic natural habitats, it can sometimes be quite a challenge to spot the animals. We understand you’re eager to see them all, but we truly prioritize animal welfare and want to give them some hiding spaces and areas if they choose. They are not obligated to “be on display” all the time. That’s why the enclosures are filled with abundant plants, natural terrain, and places for them to hide if they wish. It’s their home and shelter. 

If you want a better chance of spotting them, be sure to book a guided tour, as the guides know all of their favourite spots!


Have you met “piki“ our Tapir?

Piki, a tapir, lived in the green lands of Sarapiquí. He started his trip to Rescate Wildlife after being found as a baby. Someone took him home to help. But caring for him was hard. They tried their best, yet Piki got a bad lung infection.

Our Interns make a difference
in our Lifetime Care sanctuary

At the Lifetime Care Sanctuary, our animals’ welfare significantly benefits from our interns’ commitment. Through our internship programs, enriching activities are crafted for our animal inhabitants. It’s observed that interns engage in critical behavior studies, assessing stress, social behavior, physical engagement, and more. Dedicated to providing exceptional care, our doors are always open to animals in need. Interns are offered a distinct chance to learn, within an ever-changing setting. There, invaluable direct experience is gained, spanning wildlife observation to the creation of stimulating environments.
Rúben Joel Proença Seguro



I went to Costa Rica to have a new experience, a new culture shock and to learn more about one of my passions in veterinary medicine, wild animals!
Being able to collaborate with the amazing Rescate project was a great pleasure and a sense of accomplishment on my part! I was always very well received by everyone, I met people and made friends that I will carry with me forever.
I loved living in Costa Rica and I leave feeling like a better person, with a new culture and new knowledge.

Ways to help

Get involved

Get Involved and Become a Lifesaver by becoming a sponsor, a donor, an intern or volunteering at Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center! If you visit us, you can also bring us essential goods we can not buy in Costa Rica from our Amazon Wishlist.

Current Support needed

Help us feed our wildlife like Piki the Tapir by giving a monthly or single donation.

Current Support needed

By sponsoring our sanctuary, you become a vital lifeline for our precious wildlife. Join our community!

Current Support needed

Help us reproduce and release Scarlet Macaws and Great Green Macaws! Make a donation today!

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Our Sponsors

You Make Dreams Come True: Heartfelt Thanks to Our Incredible Sponsors!

We extend our deepest gratitude to the amazing sponsors who stand by us in our mission to protect and preserve wildlife. Your generosity empowers us to make a difference, one animal at a time. Thank you for being the heroes in our story, ensuring a future where nature thrives. Together, we're creating a legacy of compassion and conservation. Your support is the heartbeat of our sanctuary, and for that, we are truly thankful.

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