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Little Activists Learn About Grecia’s Inspiring Beak

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Grecia’s legacy lives on in a new children’s book!

About the Book

Grecia the Toucan is about to become even more famous!

The Bravest Toucan in Costa Rica is the subject of a new children’s book: “Building a Beak: How a Toucan’s Rescue Inspired the World.” Author Becca McMurdie and illustrator Diana Hernández worked together to create this children’s book about the importance of caring for animals.

The author visited Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center on Saturday and Sunday, June 22nd and June 23rd. Children were invited to color their own toucan, and McMurdie shared her passion for Grecia’s story with visitors. There were also free stickers, raffles with prizes, and a visitor discount for visitors coming to learn about Grecia!

About Grecia

Grecia was the victim of senseless brutality in 2015 and lost the upper part of its beak. While toucans usually do not live long without their beaks, veterinarians noted that the toucan was struggling to sing and eat. The bird still had a will to live.

Fortunately, through 3D printing and the relentless work of scientists, a functional beak was created for Grecia. The bird was able to live peacefully at Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center through the end of its natural life.

Grecia also inspired activists to work against animal abuse and inspired new laws to protect wildlife.

What did the creators learn from Grecia?

“Everyone in Costa Rica knows the story of Grecia,” author McMurdie said. “It just shows how humans can be so caring.”

“I loved working on the story of Grecia,” Costa Rican illustrator Hernández said. “It helps us see that no matter where we come from, our voice counts and we can help in many ways…Our knowledge, creativity and ingenuity can go beyond what we are used to doing.”

Grecia has inspired animal lovers around the world, and now the brave toucan’s story will impact the next generation of activists, vets, and biologists!

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Want to learn more about Grecia? Purchase a signed copy of “Building A Beak” in the Rescate gift shop, or order one off Amazon here!

*written by volunteer Lisa Martens

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