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Since you’re under 18, unfortunately, you’re not eligible to participate in our current programs. However, we have some great ways for you to stay connected and get involved with our Wildlife Rescue Center below.


If you turn 18 shortly (or made a mistake)
and you want to schedule your future Internship please just go back to the application-chat of your desired program by clicking the buttons below. Just hit “yes” for the question that you are over 18:

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We’d love to welcome you for a visit to our center! You can learn more about our work, meet our team, and see how we care for the wildlife. It’s a fantastic way to get involved and experience our mission firsthand.

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Jeanne Marie Pittman


Director of Conservation Programs

Visitor Reviews

August 2023
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Great experience. Rescue center was far above my expectations. Eduardo was wonderful. Easy to Uber back and forth from SJO area. If you have the opportunity to book this tour do it.
August 2023
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Amy was super informative and delightful. We learned a lot about nature and the relationship with human impact in Costa Rica. Wonderful tour with amazing animals well taken care of and cared for.
June 2023
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What an amazing and educational experience. My guide was Janina and she was so knowledgeable and I could see that this was not a job for her, instead her passion. Gladly made a purchase at the souvenir shop (as the proceeds go to the rescue center) and the salesperson, Meli, was so kind and welcoming. So grateful for all they do. This is definitely a must do if you’re visiting Costa Rica.😊❤️
May 2023
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Valeria has been a fantastic guide, truly passionate and knowledgeable. Highly recommended. Do your research and support a real rescue center like this one. Forget about zoos and all the other places that are more interested in making money than saving animals.
October 2022
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Wow what a amazing way to spend our first hours in Costa Rica. This is a tour that everyone should do. Costa Rica is doing some very good things for conservation and other countries should follow their example. You must take your children on this tour with Amy so that they learn the value of keeping animals in their natural habitat!! And they’ll have tons of fun too. Not to miss.
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Tracy: This place is 💯 worth stopping at! Took the family to explore and it feels like you're walking through the jungle and seeing a variety of plants and animals. Loved being able to get so close to the sloths, monkeys, ocelot, cougar and iguanas. Capybara we're running around under foot and there were wild birds flying around the enclosures of the kept ones. Animals look happy and well cared for - what an amazing place!
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We had an absolutely magical experience here at RWRC. We went with our 4 children ages 14/12/4/2 and they all loved it. We only saw two other people while there so it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. We booked a private tour guide, Amy, who was not only lovely and knowledgeable but very patient ( as our youngest was a bit overtired that day ) she taught us a lot and made the whole experience a day to remember. Thanks so much Amy! The passion and kindness that the staff have for these animals is incredibly heartwarming. I would highly recommend stopping by if you're in the area.
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I am always skeptical about these things, but it seems like this is a real rescue center. The place is laid out well. The animals look healthy. Wikipedia states, “It is administered by a conservation nonprofit foundation called Fundación Restauración de la Naturaleza,[5] which also is responsible for the country's largest rehabilitation center in the Rescate Wildlife campus.” It looks like it started as a zoo and then they started conservation efforts. Note that the actual wildlife campus is off-limits to visitors. I absolutely loved the huge iguanas walking around everywhere along with the random other animals outside of the enclosures along the paths. The giant bamboo grove is stunning, so don’t miss that. The crocodile is huge. Finally, don’t miss some of the talking birds. They were totally amazing. It was interesting to hear birds who speak better Spanish than me.
Anonymous from Tripadvisor
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Very nice! The animals are close and easy to see in the enclosures. They are very healthy and relaxed. Much to see, so many bird species, all are great, the mature trees and plants, especially bamboo, are stunning. We spent 3 relaxing hours. Nice restaurant, we had nachos, very good! VERY handicap and stroller friendly. Even has an easy access, large handicap restroom. Perfect for 80 year old Mom in wheelchair. Wide, easy, gentle grade pathways. Even parking lot is good for handicap or senior, children, unloading. Be sure to pull all the way up to the main entrance inside to unload if needed. It is important that we see these amazing animals in person to appreciate how important it is to save them and save their habitats. These animals are on display, and being wonderfully cared for, to increase the awareness of the need for their survival. They are there to be seen and loved in order to save others like them at risk in the wild. Pay, go, enjoy, share.
Anonymous from Tripadvisor
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This place was a real eye-opener of how we humans miss treat our animal friends. I was very impressed with how they take care of their animals and how much room they have. All the employees who work there are very well informed about how the place is operated. I would go back hadn’t been to a place like this ever.






Alajuela, COSTA RICA