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Sanctuary Rules & Recommendations

If you’re going to visit us , these are our Sanctuary Rules.
Also, when you visit us, we recommend bringing sun cream, repellent and water.

Please follow these guidelines

  • Do not tease, disturb, touch, or throw anything at animals, including the ones walking freely around the park, like the iguanas and peacocks, because the animals could react violently.
  • Do not shout or play music because it may disturb animals.
  • Pet animals are not permited to enter park.
  • Do not take pictures with flash.
  • Do not feed the animals since they are on a strict diet and human food can make them sick.
  • No selfies with the animals.
  • Alcoholic beverages and people under the influence of liquor/drugs are not allowed into the park.
  • Take care of vegetation, signs, and park installations because this is our animals’ house.
  • Always stay on pathways, respect barriers, the signs “NO PASE” means entrance prohibited.
  • Do not smoke in the park.
  • Do not run in the park.
  • Please put trash in the trash cans.
  • If you bring your own food, it must be eaten in the designated picnic areas.
  • Children must be under the supervision of an adult at all times. No exceptions.
  • Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center reserves the right to either refuse admission or to expel visitors that do not follow these rules. We will not be responsible for any accidents that may happen due violation of the listed rules.


Why do we need rules?

Rules serve a crucial purpose, ensuring not only your safety but also the well-being of our animals. This sanctuary is their home, and it’s our responsibility to provide them with the highest quality of life possible. Noise disturbances, outside food, or litter can have a profound impact on their physical and mental health. Let’s work together to maintain a safe and harmonious environment for all!

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