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The 3-Toed Sloth “Frai Choco”

Frai Choco is a two-toed sloth who was found in Fraijanes, Alajuela. Unfortunately, Frai Choco is an orphan, and he came to Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center at just three months old. Frai Choco is named in part due to the neighborhood where he was found, and the “choco” part of his name comes from his chocolate, dark-brown fur. He lost his mom due to electrocution on power lines, which is a big problem in Costa Rica. Luckily under excellent care Friai Choco was able to grow up big and strong and was released back in the wild!


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Veterinary Internship

Veterinary interns work directly with our highly experienced veterinarian and our rehabilitation staff. You will assist with with animal intakes, exams, treatments, surgeries, feeding and record keeping.

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Work hands-on in the Lifetime Care Sanctuary, Endangered Species Breeding Center and the Rescue Center, feeding animals, conducting behavioral research, and creating enriching experiences for our non-releasable animals or even clicker train our Jaguar „Guapo“.

Road to freedom Internship

This internship gives you the unique opportunity to not only see, but to play an active part in what we call: The Road to Freedom. Aid the animals in their release, monitor and research them and their second chance at life in the wild, the final step on their Road to Freedom.

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