Toucan Grecia

Grecia’s Triumph: A Tale of Resilience, Unity, and Change

In 2015, Rescate Wildlife welcomed a brave soul named Grecia, a toucan whose story became a beacon of hope and transformation. Grecia’s journey, marked by unimaginable cruelty and astounding resilience, ignited a global movement for change, inspiring both compassion and legal reform.

Grecia arrived at our sanctuary in 2015, a victim of a horrifying act of animal abuse. Her upper beak was brutally shattered by heartless individuals. Despite excruciating pain, Grecia displayed a remarkable will to live. Her determination, even in suffering, moved our hearts and compelled us to stand by her side.


Witnessing Grecia’s unwavering spirit, people from around the world united in a remarkable show of support. With donations and with the collective effort of caring souls, Grecia became the first toucan ever to receive a 3D-printed beak. This extraordinary feat showcased the incredible power of global unity in the face of adversity.

Grecia’s story resonated far beyond her aviary. It ignited an international outcry against animal cruelty, sparking a crucial conversation about the need for stronger wildlife protection laws. In response, Costa Ricans and concerned individuals worldwide demanded change. Their voices were heard, leading to the enactment of the “bienestar animal” law in 2016, a pivotal moment in the fight for animal rights.

For over eight years, Grecia thrived in our sanctuary, defying the odds and embodying the spirit of resilience. In early 2022, she peacefully bid farewell due to old age. While Grecia may no longer grace our sanctuary with her vibrant presence, her legacy endures. Her tale of bravery and the global outpouring of love stands as a testament to what humanity can achieve when united for a common cause. Grecia’s legacy lives on, inspiring us to continue our mission, advocating for the vulnerable, and working tirelessly for a world where every creature is treated with kindness and respect.

If you are interested in learning more about Grecia you can watch her documentary by Animal Planet on Amazon, youtube or other streaming channels.

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