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After reviewing your responses, we found that the specific program you were interested in may not be the best fit. However, we have several other exciting opportunities that we believe could be a great match for your interests and goals.


Here are some alternative programs you might consider:

Our Programs
Wildlife Internship​

Dive into a program where you’ll directly contribute to our mission of rehabilitating and preserving Costa Rica’s biodiversity. Work hands-on in the Lifetime Care Sanctuary, Endangered Species Breeding Center and the Rescue Center, feeding animals, conducting behavioral research, and creating enriching experiences for our non-releasable wildlife or even clicker train our Jaguar “Guapo”. Every day is unique and completely different. Join us to make an impact on wildlife conservation!

Road to freedom Internship

This internship gives you the unique opportunity to not only see, but to play an active part in what we call: The Road to Freedom. Our Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center receives hundreds of animals that have been rescued from the pet trade, injured, sick, or orphaned. It is at Bosque Escondido on the Nicoya Peninsula that we see the fruition of our team’s hard work, and aid the animals in their release and their second chance at life in the wild, the final step on their Road to Freedom.

waves of change project

This project takes place at our remote bush camp on the shores of San Josesito Beach, where the rain forest meets the sea. The Waves of Change project offers a chance to reconnect with nature and escape the concrete jungle while helping to restore the environment and return wildlife to their natural habitat. As only a select few highly specialized animals are released at this site, the Waves of Change program has a stronger focus on environment than our other two programs.

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Jeanne Marie Pittman


Director of Conservation Programs

Alajuela, COSTA RICA