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Will You Help Costa Rican Wildlife On “The Road To Freedom”?

We are traveling the road less traveled: Getting in touch with the wild, going off the beaten path, and returning animals where they belong. Will you join us and be a hero for endangered animals?

About the New Road To Freedom Internship

Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center is proud to debut our newest internship. Starting June 16, 2023, Road to Freedom Interns will live in the Nicoya Peninsula in Bosque Escondido on a one-of-a-kind adventure as we return Costa Rican animals to their natural habitat!

This internship is for anyone passionate about conservation, biology, ecology, and forestry…and for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the beautiful Costa Rican wilderness. 

What will you do? 

Wildlife Internship Manager Nuria explains that the focus will primarily be on primates…specifically, the spider monkeys…and macaws.

Spider monkeys are endangered, Nuria explains, so while interns will keep an eye on all groups, the spider monkeys will be the focus at first. If you won’t be able to come until later in the year, Road to Freedom Interns will start focusing more on macaws come August.

5 Commonly Asked Questions About The Road To Freedom Internship:

  1. What is the expected duration of the internship?

    Road To Freedom Interns stay for a minimum of two weeks. Those who commit to longer amounts of time will be given more training and tasks related to observing freed animals. The amount of time you commit to the internship can impact day-to-day responsibilities.
  2. What kind of work will I be doing on a daily basis?

    Road to Freedom Interns will work with our team to release animals like primates and birds into the wild! To start, the program will focus on monkeys, parrots, macaws, and more. Interns will prepare food, refill wildlife feeding stations, implement enrichment activities, collect data, and develop skills in ethical conservation.

    A typical day might include mashing fruits for macaws, checking their nests, observing a family of howler monkeys, helping monkeys learn to forage for food, and observing parrot behavior.

    Wildlife Internship Manager Nuria explains the focus will primarily be on spider monkeys, which are critically endangered. If you won’t be able to come until later in the year, Road to Freedom Interns will start focusing more on macaws come August.
  3. Will I receive any training before working with the animals?

    Yes! You do not need previous experience to join. Those who commit to longer amounts of time may receive more training in observation. A background in ecology is helpful but not required. We will teach you what you need to know!
  4. What is the living situation like for Road to Freedom Interns in Costa Rica?

    You will live in a recently-renovated, shared house in Bosque Escondido. The home includes showers, a shared kitchen, and WiFi. We provide interns with three meals a day, seven days a week.

    The house includes a shared area where you can play games and get to know your fellow interns!
  5. What kind of qualifications or experience do I need to apply for this internship?

    An interest in conservation, ecology, and a love for animals is the primary requirement! As you will be in a natural environment, a degree of moderate fitness and a tolerance for insects and humidity is essential.

    You must also be able to work calmly and quietly around animals…they need chill vibes to relax!
  6. Can I receive school credit for this internship?

    Yes! If you commit to a month or more, you can design an internship that will meet your university’s requirements for credit.

Let’s Go Off-Roading And Bring These Animals Home

Are you interested in going off the beaten path and joining the Road to Freedom? Email Jeanne Marie at to help us pioneer this new initiative from the oldest and most well-renowned animal sanctuary in Costa Rica!

*written by volunteer Lisa Martens

Would you like to get involved yourself?

Become an Intern and have a unique wildlife experience.

Veterinary Internship

Veterinary interns work directly with our highly experienced veterinarian and our rehabilitation staff. You will assist with with animal intakes, exams, treatments, surgeries, feeding and record keeping.

Wildlife Internship​

Work hands-on in the Lifetime Care Sanctuary, Endangered Species Breeding Center and the Rescue Center, feeding animals, conducting behavioral research, and creating enriching experiences for our non-releasable animals or even clicker train our Jaguar „Guapo“.

Road to freedom Internship

This internship gives you the unique opportunity to not only see, but to play an active part in what we call: The Road to Freedom. Aid the animals in their release, monitor and research them and their second chance at life in the wild, the final step on their Road to Freedom.

Alajuela, COSTA RICA